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bread for tramezzini.

Tramezzini are unique items of our land, Italy, and among the internetionally famous tramezzini the Venetian one is the best known . Although there is no certainty, tramezzini place their origin in Piedmont. However, it is certain that Gabriele D’Annunzio created the word tramezzini to depict the word sandwich. Usually a tramezzino should be eaten cold, even though a not well known hot variety of it exists. Lately, tramezzini have become a popular snack to be eaten as appetizers or as a quick lunch.

Altino Pane addresses to wholesalers that allocate products to caterings, pubs, bars, restaurants etc, which need bread easy to use as well as practical and of the highest quality. It is important to deliver to its customers quality, healthy, natural and tasty products. Altino Pane’s products provide all these features. Their strong point is to be able through the freezing process, to maintain the quality properties and the freshness of newly baked bread.

Operating since 2002, the company has invested a lot of time into quality, especially by maintaining and refining the traditional and natural dough’s long leavening method. Our production system is always evolving and allows us to improve every day and to daily offer our wholesalers the best and most satisfying bread.

Ask us for more information or visit our website, we are at zour disposal to meet any request, we sell across Italy as well as internationally . Visit us, we are located in L. Mazzon street, 08 Quarto D’Altino, province of Venice, two minutes away from the A4 highway exit Venezia Est.

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