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club sandwich bread.

The club sandwich is tied to American Danny Mears, a famous chef who worked in a gambling establishment in New York. But to make him famous and attractive in the world we must thank Edward VIII, as it appears the club sandwich was his wife’s beloved dish and his wife, the wealthy Wallis Simpson praised the ability of the husband to cook it.

The club sandwich is one of the sandwiches most recognized, loved and enjoyed worldwide. Its international nature means that no pub or bar can miss it in their menu. The secret to a great club sandwich is the preparation and use of products of the highest quality, and one of them is the club sandwich bread. Altino Pane knows the importance of this dish and the company puts all the tradition and all the professionalism possible in its bread production, and it ensures a healthy, long-lasting product through the freezing process. The strength of Altino Pane is in the dough rise, this is a leavening process acquired from many years of experience and continuous improvement. Altino Pane’s club sandwich bread is indeed the best you will ever find!

Altino Pane cares about its principles: fairness above all, both inside its operational units in order to create a healthy and entrusted working environment and outside, toward its customers, suppliers, and transporting partners. Support and expertise in order to provide a great product and a quality service in a healthy environment.

In addition to production and distribution, Altino Pane guarantees hygiene, punctuality, precision and support during deliveries and fast and efficient communications. We can easily be found by our customers: we are located just a two minutes’ drive from the Venezia Est (Venice East) exit, in via L. Mazzon 08 Quarto D’Altino (VE)

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