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Vegetarian bread.

The vegetarian bread is increasingly requested by many consumers, especially those interested in health. Attention must be paid toward bread that is sold pretending to be vegetarian. It is therefore imperative to look at the ingredients, especially at the flour. If the flour is completely of the whole wheat kind then the bread is truly vegetarian, but if the same is produced with rebuilt flour, white flour, or flour that is treated with substances in order to improve it, a product with a reduced nutritional value is obtained.

Altino Pane produces bread from the best vegetarian and organic raw materials, carefully chosen by the company to offer the best to its customers. Having seen and considering the importance of a healthy diet, Altino Pane uses only organic flour. With Altino Pane you can choose not to have animal fats and lard in your kitchen! Altino Pane products are without lard.

The production process takes place in full transparency and in conformity with the regulations on management for hygiene self-monitoring of the “Certificate CSQA”. A specialized team constantly monitors so that no obstacles happen in the process, and that the quality is always at its best. Altino Pane uses the best machinery, and it is always up to date in order to be able to get the perfect blend of innovation and tradition, reflected by the long leavening dough method.

Altino Pane is specialized in the production and distribution of frozen vegetarian bread. Through the process of freezing, the bread does not lose its properties; instead it preserves the nutritional values and benefits of a high quality product, exactly as freshly baked bread from a trusted bakery would do. Altino Pane produces and sells to wholesalers in the foodservice and catering industry, including but not limiting to all restaurants suppliers. Altino Pane products are the real deal, they are the kind of products you simply cannot let go with high quality at an affordable price. Altino Pane guarantees fairness and on time deliveries across Italy and the European Union as well as in the rest of the world. Discover all our vegetarian bread products on our website or visit us and see for yourself the healthy and transparent environment that distinguishes Altino Pane from its competitors. We are sure ours is the best vegetarian bread you will ever see!

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