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Sandwiches bread production.

The sandwich has British origin and is nothing more than two slices of bread containing meat, cured meat and more. The sandwich has a particular history: in 1762 in a famous pub, an English nobleman (fourth Earl of Sandwich) big gambler, being that night hungry, he refused to get up from the table and had a brilliant idea, so he made him fetch two slices of bread with some sliced cured meat . The other people present at the bar took the idea from him and ordered the same thing, hence the Sandwich was born. In honor of this tradition, we the Altino Pane company produce and wholesale the best frozen bread for sandwiches available, a bread that is made exactly as a grandma would bake for her grandchildren, with the same ingredients, only in larger amounts.

We produce soft and tasty slices of bread, ideal to prepare delicious snacks or appetizers for every occasion. For our sandwiches’ bread we use top notch ingredients, we choose suppliers with very high quality standards. We create our bread through innovative and high tech machines which incorporate tradition and expertise and ensure maximum safety and maximum hygiene. We have a production system in continuous development in order to be at our best and produce the best. Our products are indeed treated meticulously. Our packages are guaranteed and certified to maintain the best quality bread traits.

For more information write us with no commitment to info@altinopane.com, we are available to help with any questions or visit us in Quarto D’Altino in via L. Mazzon, 08.

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