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Toast bread production.

The toast is a universal food and its name derives from the French word “Toaster” which means both to make a toast and to grill a piece of bread. As a matter of fact, in old times, it was common to place a piece of grilled bread over a glass of wine, which was then run between the diners at the table and only the last one of them, the celebrated, had the honor of eating the slice of bread. Hence the name Toast. The toast can be found anywhere in the world, both in eastern and western countries, in every bar or pub. It is therefore important to always be stocked with excellent bread.

Altino Pane is a company specialized in the toast bread production addressed to big wholesaling companies. The produced bread is then frozen, as cold is the only natural preservative that maintains the products’ quality, as well as their original properties and nutritional values. The distribution is entrusted to innovative, modern and functional cold storages, that allow to quickly deliver the products throughout Italy and abroad with the same quality of a freshly baked bread.

In this field the competition is high and what makes the difference is to be able to produce quality products at competitive prices. Thanks to the long leavening method and the accuracy and thoroughness that Altino Pane’s staff uses throughout the entire production process, the company is nowadays the leading manufacturer and distributor of frozen bread throughout the national territory. The goal is to be able to expand in the foreign market.

You can find us in Luigi Mazzon street, 08 Quarto D’Altino, we are located two minutes away from the Venezia EST exit on the A4 highway. Ask for our prices without making any commitment through our website. Altino Pane guarantees the best bread production and it will supply you with the best bread products and the best toasts. Pamper yourself, choose the best for your customers.

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