Altino Pane produzione pane congelato EN

Founded in 2002, Altino Pane Srl distinguishes itself in the production of frozen bread for delicacies such are the famous tramezzini, toasts, club sandwiches and bruschetta.

Altino Pane has invested greatly over the years in the quality of its products, using traditional long lasting leavening methods, seeking and achieving only the finest taste, freshness, softness and workability that set Altino Pane’s products. Wholesalers and producers of tramezzini and prepackaged sandwiches will be delighted to discover the high quality and efficient logistics that have played a key role in placing Altino Pane among the top Italian frozen bread producers.

Altino Pane places great emphasis on fairness with their key publics, whether they be clients, suppliers, transport partners or employees. Support and competence are also of extreme importance. These key principles have been imperative to the company’s mission: to provide a great product and a quality service through strong relationship networks within a healthy working environment.

Altino Pane is committed to helping their clients achieve the best possible results with its products, offering unparalleled support, reliable and on-time delivery and fast and efficient communications. The company’s location, positioned two minutes away from the A4 highway (Venezia Est exit), helps our partners best manage their time.