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Altino Pane Srl was established in 2002 and it immediately specialized in the production of frozen bread perfect for making toast, tramezzini, bruschetta, sandwiches, club sandwiches, piadine, the Italian wraps etc. Altino Pane guarantees the high quality of all its products, whether they be traditional Italian dishes such as tramezzini or foreign delicacies such are club sandwiches. Altino Pane dedicated a lot of their time refining the smallest product details and specialized in the traditional dough obtained with the long leavening method that is essential for quality bread.

Bread has always been the primary meal of mankind, and it is especially present in the Italian cuisine, where every dish is accompanied by some tasty and fragrant loaves. The goal of Altino Pane is to be able to expand the tradition of excellent bread with a production that uses the freezing process to preserve bread properties and functions. The company has been producing and distributing in Italy as well as in the foreign market for many years now. They are considered in fact, the leading company in the production and distribution of frozen bread.

Altino Pane distinguishes itself from its competitors for the love and tradition Altino Pane puts in all of its products, and this can be noticed in their excellent taste, freshness and softness. For Altino Pane bread is a product like no other, it is indeed the heart and soul of the company. We work in a trusted and easy going working environment, where the essential principles are fairness toward all, whether they are suppliers, customers, employees, transporters etc, and support and competence.

Altino Pane provides support, professionalism and on time delivery and fast and efficient communications. Altino Pane is the best bread supplier with the best bread products. The strategic location allows easily access to the company, avoiding any waste of time. The company is located two minutes away from the A4 highway exit Venezia Est (Venice East) and precisely in Quarto D’Altino in via L. Mazzon, 08.

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