Bread for toast and rectangular bread loafs are among the most common types of bread one can find both in Italy and around the world. Our frozen toast is the best choice for those looking for fresh bread without preservatives. Bread loaf today fills the shelves of wholesalers around the world and ours has a distinct advantage because its mixture is genuine and does not contain alcohol. Our toast is sold already sliced in flow packs, ready for use. To prepare it we use natural ingredients such as water, flour, yeast and salt. We usually sell our toast made with lard, although we can prepare it with oil, too, for those in search of sliced bread without animal fats.

Toast bread must be produced with the highest quality ingredients in order to contain fillings such as ham, eggs, tomato or mozzarella. The toast is nothing more than a sandwich enclosed by two slices of square-shaped bread that is toasted and served hot. At Altino pane, we make it special: an excellent bread perfect for wholesalers in the food industry, that we sell with or without crust and that, once roasted, becomes even more tasty and good.

We use the best raw materials, specifically selected to offer you quality products. The raw materials we use are subjected to rigorous controls from the moment they are purchased until the very end of our production process. In our factory we have the best machinery, kept with great care, scrupulously cleaned and always updated and innovative. All this is meaningful to our clients and we know it: the increasingly specific and attentive needs of our customers indicate customers need to feel safe. Modern times confront us with alternatives where tradition and innovation clash if not wisely combined. The innovation of Altino Pane’s toast lies in the company’s ability to improve its production without harmful additives. Health for us and for our consumers is important: this is why our frozen bread is also certified.

Our toast bread reaches an excellent quality through the natural leavening process of the dough. The good of our products, fairness to customers, speed and passion in deliveries have led us over the years to expand our production even in foreign markets.

Find out more, look on the site for all the types of bread we produce, ask for more information, we operate throughout Italy and even abroad.

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