A sandwich is nothing more than two slices of bread filled with meat, cold cuts and more. The origin of its name is British and it has a particular history: in 1762 in a famous pub, an English nobleman (fourth Earl of Sandwich) a great gambler, being hungry one night, refused to get up from the table and had a brilliant idea: he had him brought two slices of bread with sliced  salt beef in the middle. The other people in the room were inspired by him and ordered the same thing. From that moment on, the name Sandwich has been used to refer to any sliced bread filled with bits of food.

Nowadays there are different types of bread used to make sandwiches: with different shapes, sizes and recipes, each and every single one of them is unique. We at Altino Pane produce several kinds of bread loafs and one of these is called American grill.

A grill is a type of bread that can be heated on a grill or on a griddle. It is sometimes called American grill or American bread due to the origins of the barbecue grill and it is the kind of bread suitable for those who prefer hot sandwiches that do not have the same consistence of a toast.

The soft and fine texture and the full-bodied taste of this bread make it unique in its kind. At Altino Pane we produce the real American grill: salted to the right point, our bread is perfect to be used on the grill, in the oven, on the griddle or in the toaster: once heated, it can be served with both sweet and savory fillings, butter, chocolate cream and cured meats. This bread enhances the taste instead of hiding it and it remains pleasantly scented after being toasted. It can be enjoyed at its best when dipped hot into the cooking sauces or in the juices left by the grilled meat. Its taste will overwhelm you.

It is frozen like all our products in order to preserve its properties and taste without recoursing to the classic expedients of the food industry and therefore without alcohol and without preservatives. Once defrosted, the grill is identical to freshly baked bread and can be consumed within 72 hours like any other fresh bakery product. We address to wholesalers in the food industry who look for frozen bread as the best alternative to the fresh one. Frozen bread can be kept for a year and still maintain its quality and it is ideal for bars and restaurants that do not have time for daily shopping and want to have instead a fresh product always at hand. The sale of frozen bread to wholesale professionals guarantees precisely this: a incomparable amount of saved time combined with the guarantee of a genuine product.

At Altino Pane we produce, sell and distribute soft and tasty slices of bread to wholesalers around the world. Our bread is designed to be used by catering services, restaurant and bar suppliers as well as food chain chefs and managers to prepare delicious dishes and snacks. All our bread products, including the grill bread, are made using top quality ingredients and choosing our suppliers through a system of very high quality standards. Our teamwork is our strength: highly qualified people use technological and innovative machinery, incorporating tradition and expertise and ensuring maximum safety and maximum hygiene of our products. We are very proud of our production system, whose dynamics are created by skilled people that constantly ensure Altino Pane’s leading position on the market and distinguish our company as the best made to produce the best. Our products are treated in detail and only the best slices are selected for sale. A bread whose quality and whose production certified according to most high codex alimentarius criteria have been recognized not only in Italy, but also in countries such as France, Holland, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.


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