A funny name for a peculiar product: the ciabatta (Italian for “slipper”) is the typical loaf bread whose box was not closed before cooking. Although it bears this name, it is not because of a mistake or even out of  laziness: the ciabatta is a bread that grows very tall and that, growing, gets spontaneously  a rounded shape on its top. It is exactly because of this, that it is left free to develop naturally upwards, exploiting the action of the yeast used for its dough. Cut, its slices have a shape similar to those of mushrooms.

The ciabatta bread is ideal to be toasted. Its slices are light and, when heated, they are fragrant, but not hard.

We at Altino Pane boast of having a one of a kind ciabatta. The specially created recipe with selected natural ingredients, the long leavening of its dough, the size and shape are in a class on its own. We sell it already sliced and frozen and, as such, it can be kept for a year. If necessary, the only thing needed is to let it thaw for a few hours and it is ready for use, having the same characteristics as freshly baked bread. Its taste, the crumb and the crust are light to the palate and to the touch. The ciabatta is in fact the type of bread that is not stodge and that lets you taste the filling in its entirety.

It looks great eated and filled with mayonnaise, sauces and sliced meat.

Our ciabatta is special and, once tried, it is difficult to replace it.

At Altino Pane we sell frozen ciabatta to wholesalers throughout Italy and abroad. Discover all our products by visiting our website. Professional baking is our job. Offering our customers the top of the frozen bread industry and a service attentive to the needs of the world of taste is our mission. Quality at the highest levels, fairness to our customers, fast deliveries and keeping pace with the expectations of those who work with us are the kind of everyday efforts we make and consider fundamental for all our relationships.

Call us, write us an email, visit our webpage or introduce yourself directly at our company: we will be happy to let you know about our world and answer all your questions.

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