Tramezzini bread is one of those products that have made Italy great in the world: a cooked and sliced loaf of bread that can be rolled or shaped to obtain triangular sandwiches, such as the Venetian tramezzino, one of the internationally best known of its kind. Several sources acknowldge the tramezzino’s origin to a Piedmontese recipe which was orginally designed to offer a half-day snack similar to the English tea sandwich. The word tramezzino was made up by Gabriele d’Annunzio who used it to refer to a sandwich served in between breakfast and lunch time. This special sandwich is usually eaten cold, although it is sometimes possible to find it toasted. A tramezzino can be either offered as a happy hour snack or it can be consumed as a quick lunch meal.

Altino Pane sells its frozen bread to wholesalers who supply businesses in the food sector, such as pubs, bars, restaurants etc. and need bread that is easy to use, practical and of excellent quality. It is important for the company to offer its customers products that are qualitatively healthy, tasty and easy to work with. Altino Pane’s strenght lies in its success in manufacturing bread products that have the same qualitative properties and freshness of freshly baked bread thanks to the freezing process. In addition to the classic sandwich bread for tramezzini, the company offers various other products such as bruschetta, toast, ciabatta and American grill bread.

Operating since 2002, the company has spent a lot of time researching the quality of its products, combining the traditional method of long leavening of the dough with unique recipes. Our company is a constantly evolving environment that combines the production process monitoring system to quality research and allows us to improve every day and offer our wholesalers the best experience.

Altino pane is specialized in the production and sale of bread for sandwiches throughout the national territory and has been present for several years on the international market as well with products such are tramezzini, sandwiches and maxi. Our sales channel focuses on the HO.RE.CA sector. We export both to European Union countries and to non-European countries such are the Arab ones or the United States. They have been relying on us for years now and they renew their faith in us thanks to the everyday efforts we make to offer each customer the right consideration, the right product and the right service.

Contact us for more information or visit our website. We can satisfy any delivery request, we reach all countries. If you would like it, you can come and visit us: we are located in Via L. Mazzon n° 8, Quarto D’Altino – Venice province – two minutes from the A4 highway exit Venezia Est.

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