Altino Pane’s first goal is customer satisfaction: we want to make the best bread Italy has to offer enhancing its original quality and traditional soul that make it today an essential element for the kitchens of the whole world.

One of our best products is definitely bruschetta. We freeze it to maintain its nutritional properties and taste. Without additives and without alcohol, the quality of our bruschetta is unmistakable and, once tried, it is unforgettable, too.

The bruschetta we produce has an edge over the others that you might find for sale: a truly overwhelming scent combined with its remarkable and distinctive taste. It is exactly because of those two factors that we can proudly say that it is undoubtedly the best bruschetta on the market.

Our bruschetta is expertly salted and has a perfect crust to be eaten. Its recipe is traditional and at the same time special: its simple and genuine ingredients, dosed and mixed at the right point, pay homage to the palate with full and inviting taste and aroma, which distinguish the Altino Pane bruschetta from the others.

The delicate and fine texture of the bruschetta, combined with its unmistakable scent recall the appetizers taken on relaxing days spent with friends on the seaside. Perfect as an appetizer, but also as a snack in the afternoon or for a buffet, our bruschetta is ideal for those professionals who want to give a classic and elegant touch to their offer.

We of the Altino Pane company have been present on the market since 2002, we can define ourselves as a leader in the distribution and wholesale of frozen bread, both in Italy and abroad. The production and wholesale of frozen bruschetta are elements that make Altino Pane an export leader of frozen bruschetta bread. Our products are famous both for their quality and their long shelf life. Find out more about our frozen bruschetta by visiting our website. Choose quality, choose our bread.

These are our products and services:

  • production of frozen bread
  • toasted bread toast
  • bread for sandwich toast sandwiches
  • bruschetta sandwich grill
  • grill sandwiches production
  • Sale of bread for sandwiches
  • bread production for sandwiches
  • wholesale production of frozen bread


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